Why a Master health-check should include a dental/Oral examination!

15 February 2022

Most of us are now cognizant about getting an Annual master health checkup as there is a huge shout out about about its benefits regularly. However, when it comes to a dental check up we are always very reluctant to visit our dentist, unless we have really severe tooth pain, bleeding or swelling. This could be simply because we are not aware that many diseases which are occurring in the body such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and complications related to pregnancy could be in a great way a related to a focal sepsis of infection in the mouth such as severe gum infection, medically termed as periodontitis.

The mouth is teeming with millions of bacteria out of which, at least 700 bacteria have been found to be responsible for causing a number of oral diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease. These bacteria secrete a lot of toxins which pass from the mouth through the blood, to various other parts of the body and reach other parts of the body. These toxins in the blood increase the risk of a number of diseases, as mentioned earlier. Further, when the human body fights against these bacteria, our white blood cells (defense cells of our body), also secrete a number of chemicals are known as cytokines. The pro-inflammatory cytokines when secreted in excessive quantities can prove to be dangerous to the whole body as they increase the toxicity of the blood and lead to other diseases as discussed above.

Advantages of a Regular Dental Check-up.

When you get your routine dental check-up done, preventive measures such as tooth cleaning (scaling) and filing of early dental caries (cavities) can go a long way in reducing recurring dental Healthcare costs! This is usually just 10% of your expenditure for a gum surgery or a root canal treatment which is done in advanced stages to save your teeth and gums! Also, these procedures are time-consuming and will be involve some amount of pain and discomfort as compared to simple preventive dental procedures.

The misconception about oral and dental hygiene being an option rather than a priority has to be clarified and annual dental visits should be carried out from childhood itself. This will also ensure the Gen-next is free of worrisome oral diseases such as periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss and other health hazards as mentioned.


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