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A multispeciality dental hospital aiming to deliver high-quality painless oral health treatments and progressively expanding its wings to encompass and serve patients from across the city. 


Why Clients Choose Us

oral systemic health clinic

India’s first clinic focusing on the integration of oral and overall health.

Why us?

We strive
A. To provide ethical and quality dental care to all our patients, with a primary focus on preventive dental care
B. To create awareness about the importance of oral health
C. To bridge the gap in knowledge between oral/ dental health and general health

We Care

Kaverri Dental Clinic leaves no stone unturned to ensure the best treatment for every patient who visits our dental hospital. We specialize in providing pain-free dental treatment from tooth extractions to dental implants.

We are the best at what we do

We have the trust of hundreds of patients. Their faith in us has allowed us to become one of the premier dental care providers in Chennai.

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What our clients are saying

Hear what our clients are saying

Mr.Rajan amuthan

Dr. Veerabahu has been our family doctor for more than 25 years.
We feel at ease with him, be it any kind of dental treatment.
Apart from him experience he will source the right specialist when needed while ensuring our comfort first.
We vouch that is the best and he is accessible via calls whenever needed.
He is also witty and fun, making the whole experience light and comfortable.
We all dread going to the Dentist, but it has always been a warm experience from start to finish with Dr. Veerabahu. We trust him and recommend him to all our friends and family.


Kaverri Dental Expert Team

Dr.M Veerabahu MDS

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and Oral Implantologist

Director, Kaverri Dental Clinic

Dr. Bagavad Gita MDS, Ph.D

Periodontist, Oral Systemic Health specialist

Director, Kaverri Dental Clinic

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